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Scoliosis in children can be very progressive.  Typically, curvatures noticed before puberty (ages 3 to 9) are termed "Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis".  At the onset of puberty, a child begins a rapid growth phase, where bone growth is significantly increased for 1 1/2  to 2 years.   During this rapid growth, scoliosis can advance quickly as well.  Scoliosis screening is best when performed at 8 to 9 years old in order to detect any curvature that may progress during rapid growth.  Your child can be screened for Scoliosis in Salt Lake City.

The term "Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis" (AIS) is used when the child begins puberty.  This is the most common form of scoliosis.  95% of AIS occurs in females, and only 5% in males.  Besides the advancing curvatures, there may be other neurological problems that must be evaluated too.  Once the conditions is understood, and the proper imaging has been performed (x-rays and/or MRI) the decision to brace a child can be made.  The best option is Scolibrace in Salt Lake City. 

As shown in the chart above, rapid growth begins around 9-10 years old, and continues until about age 15.  In most children, rapid growth lasts from 1 1/2 to 2 years. Although growth then slows, it does not stop.  Nevertheless,  the curve can be improved after growth slows down.  Early detection and correct treatment leads to better results, since it is possible to take advantage of the rapid growth phase.


Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional conditions.  Therefore, effective treatment needs to be d dimensional as well. In addition to proper imagining, a 3-D scan is done in-office, utilized with the imaging to create an effective brace.

Studies show that when the scoliosis is properly braced in a growing child, the deformed vertebra will actually begin to grow more normally, based on the super-corrective position. Dr. Gary Lee at Elevation Health in Salt Lake City is a Scolibrace provider.  Furthermore, with the Scolibrace, there is no muscle wasting as in other types of bracing, and the child remains relatively mobile and active.


If you would like to do an in-home evaluation for scolioisis, we have prepared an app to walk you through the important steps.  Once completed, contact us with your results, questions, and concerns, at (801) 974-5555.


Scoliosis in salt lake city at Elevation health

Scoliosis in Children: Elevation Health in Salt Lake City

 Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in children in Salt Lake City, Scolibrace, avoid surgery

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) is the most common for of Scoliosis.  It affects up to 5 percent  of the population.  

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Scoliosis in Adults: Scolibrace in Salt Lake City

Adult onset scoliosis, or "De Novo" scoliosis occurs as an adult with no prior history of scoliosis.  There are many adult that were diagnosed with AIS as children, who continue to suffer as adults.

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Scoliosis in the Elderly: Scoliosis in Salt Lake City

Abnormal curvatures and scoliotic curvatures continue to progress over a lifetime.  Unfortunately, the rate of progression increases in the elderly.  Dr. Lee explains why.

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