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Scoliosis Salt Lake City ChiropractorWe’re excited that you have taken the first step towards improving your health and posture at Elevation Health – Salt Lake City’s corrective chiropractic clinic, and the premier provider of the ScoliBrace scoliosis bracing system.

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When I first came to see Dr. Lee, I had recently been in a high speed ski crash. I was experiencing constant headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. Since I first came in my situation has become much better with the regular adjustments my lower back pain and tightness greatly improved.

CH | Salt Lake City, UT

Greatly Improved, Salt Lake City, UT

Before I came to see you, I felt awful. My leg was numb every day. My back was so painful I couldn’t touch my toes without extreme pain. Now, I can bend over and touch my toes… much improved. I can now mow the lawn without stopping, when before I had to stop several times. Dr. Lee and his staff care about me, not just my injury. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Lee. He genuinely cares about people and getting them better.

GS | Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Lee Genuinely Cares About People, Salt Lake City, UT

I wanted to express my gratitude for your life enhancing services. I was experiencing much pain and several massive migraine headaches, which brought my life to an abrupt halt. I know I couldn’t keep living like I was. I am grateful for your keen sense of the body and your healing knowledge. My previous chiropractor only provided a temporary solution. I was impressed that x-rays were taken prior to any adjustments of therapy. I have noticed an extreme difference in my life, and it’s been 4 months since my last migraine. I am now making decisions with great clarity, living life fully, and without the pain and confusion that I experienced before. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

CH | Salt Lake City, UT

Life Enhancing Services, Salt Lake City, UT

Just a note to thank you for a truly amazing experience. For the past few days I had been suffering severe back pain, and after a 20 minute treatment, found myself back to normal. I am not defending the anti-inflammatories which obviously helped me very little, requiring my necessity to see you. This letter is to express my personalized appreciation for your professionalism and skill.

Dr. RB, MD | Salt Lake City, UT

Truly Amazing Experience, Salt Lake City, UT

Mi esposo y yo sufriamos de mucho dolor en cuello y hombros. Iniciamos el tratamiento recomendado por Dr. Lee y de inmediato sentimos una gran mejoria. Actualmente ya no sufrimos de dolor de cuello y hombros. Estamos muy contentos con los resultados que obtuvimos, gracias a Dr. Lee y su tratamiento.

K | Salt Lake City, UT


Yo visite al quiropractico por problemas de migraña, los cuales eran muy fuertes. Entonces alguien me recomendo a Dr. Lee. Mi terapia con el quiropractico fue una experiencia diferente. Tengo tres meses asistiendo a mis citas y hasta el dia de hoy he notado un gran cambio.

MA | Salt Lake City, UT


Tenia un gran problema de dolor de cadera, por lo cual no podia caminar correctamente y ademas presentaba dolor de oido muy fuerte. Empeze mi tratamiento con Dr. Lee y hoy puedo caminar y oir perfectamente. Totalmente confien en Dr. Lee.

MB | Salt Lake City, UT


Anteriormente no podia conciliar el sueño y ademas padecia de dolor de espalda por lo cual ocupaba tomar algun medicamento. Fue entonces que empeze mi tratamiento con Dr. Lee donde obtuve un resultado grandioso, mi dolor desaparecio por completo.

JS | Salt Lake City, UT


Previamente me sentia terrible, ya que no podia dormir y ademas padecia de dolores de cabeza muy fuerte, lo cual elevaba mi nivel de estres.  Inicie mi tratamiento, y hoy en dia me siento como nueva.

MG | Salt Lake City, UT


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