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Salt Lake City ChiropractorIt is our utmost desire to assist our patients to dream again. Utilizing a scientific approach to Chiropractic Care and Correction of abnormal postures, the focus of life can be redirected from painful conditions that cause you to avoid living life to its fullest due to pain and disability, to achieving wellness and succeeding in living the dreams most desired.

Whether success in employment, business, relationships, family, or longevity of life are sought after, Elevation Health holds the key to attaining these things by elevating your health to the heights necessary to take on the challenges of Life.

A solid core of Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) for spinal correction, better nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle are the three keystones of each treatment plan.

Especially for those with scoliosis, dreams are lost due to the bleak future of surgery. Through non-surgical correction of scoliosis with ScoliBrace, these people can dream of a future of a normal lifestyle and full participation in all of life’s activities. Come join us, and see the fulfillment of your dreams!

Gary Lee Chiropractor Salt Lake

Dr. Gary Lee, DC Founder of Elevation Health

Dr. Gary Lee, DC

Dr. Lee developed an interest in Chiropractic after experiencing a disabling back injury when warehouse shelving collapsed, and he fell to the ground. After visiting the emergency room, he was sent home with pain meds and muscle relaxers. Upon taking the meds, he suffered a severe reaction and began vomiting. He was unable to return to work, much less, get out of bed due to the pain, and he could not take the prescribed medication. He called a local Chiropractor he met a few weeks before, who diagnosed the problem from the hospital x-rays, and began treatment. Dr. Lee was surprised to find he immediately began feeling better, and was able to return to work within 3 days of beginning chiropractic treatment. This experience set him on a new path of understanding the human body, and it’s innate ability to heal when assisted with Chiropractic Care.

Finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah and Portland Community College with a focus on biology and human anatomy, then entered the University of Western States in 1991, and graduated in 1994 with the degree Doctor of Chiropractic.

One year later, he attended a seminar on Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique, where the focus is on measurable correction of abnormal postures. He says “that seminar grounded me in chiropractic and generated so much excitement within me, I decided to focus my career in Chiropractic BioPhysics.” That was about 1996, and he has maintained that focus these many years.

Because of his relationship with Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique, the opportunity to be trained as a ScoliBrace provider in 2013 was made available, and Dr. Lee immediately saw the benefit to children and adults suffering with scoliosis, and the opportunity to help them avoid a serious, life-changing surgery. His was the second clinic in the United States to offer ScoliBrace and has had great success correcting scoliosis.

Elevation Health, founded by Dr. Gary Lee in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides Chiropractic services and corrective care to all age groups, those with scoliosis, automobile accident victims, and others suffering with neck and back problems as well as extremity problems like knee pain. Now, a successful veteran of the health care industry, he welcomes all inquiries and frequently teaches seminars on back pain, scoliosis, and other health related topics.

Dr. Lee enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, a warm beach, or a day out with his 2 American Akitas or relaxing while playing the guitar.

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